Quality, flavour and passion. How to brand a coffee shop franchise.

Stellarossa today is a large and successful coffee shop franchise in Australia. At a pivotal moment in their development, the company's owners realised they needed to think bigger to grow the brand, and to base their thinking on facts rather than entrepreneurial instinct. Qualitative and quantitative market research revealed some fascinating insights, which when placed […]

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Old brand. New life.

Prorack was once a go-to brand in the automotive outdoor accessories market. Known and trusted for its range of reliable, but affordable roof racks, bike carriers and more. Thanks to its inclusion in major auto accessory retail stores, the products were almost guaranteed to sell well. Until they didn't. The brand owners had assumed their […]

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Year of the rebrand.

Evolving or completely overhauling brands is on the rise. A recent UpCity survey found that 51% of businesses changed their branding since Covid-19, in line with a Hanover Research study that found 75% of business executives have done work on brands since 2020. Nearly every business has conducted some form of business transformation, mostly driven […]

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Packaging, psychology and profitability.

Packaging: the first point of contact between a brand and prospective customers, profoundly influencing perceptions. Underestimating the power of packaging psychology and overestimating the inherent appeal of a product is a big, big mistake. Extensive consumer research into packaging psychology has consistently shown that the majority of consumers make judgements about a product based purely […]

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$6 billion wasted in misplaced digital ads.

And that's just Australia. Next&Co’s annual Digital Media Wastage report shows $6.149 billion was wasted on digital ad spend that “failed to further digital advertising objectives”. And wastage was 17% higher last year than in 2022. Next&Co’s auditing platform Prometheus measured over 400 companies with budgets varying from $500K to $21 million. The mix included […]

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How our client achieved international success in just 12 months.

Just over a year ago, our client BWES was a successful, Sydney-centric company servicing a portfolio of business close to home. This week the company’s management return from Europe having visited an ever growing list of their international household name clients. Late in 2022, BWES’ General Manger approached Fizzbuzz to see what could be done […]

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Arena thinking: rocket fuel for brands.

A question: What do Apple do? Rewind 15 years or so and the answer would be “They make computers, of course”. Back in the present, the ‘Mac’ only contributes about 7% of the company’s revenue. Of the $383+ BN total, iPhone contributes just over half, accessories (headphones, Apple TV, Beats etc.) delivers about 10% with […]

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Are you missing 2/3 of your ROI?

Research from Nielsen, GFK and NEPA has revealed that 60% of ROI from digital ads comes in the long term. Whilst many companies are using the medium for here-today-gone-tomorrow tactical campaigns designed to bump the sales graph, the reality is that across all industries, sustained digital drives long-term growth for brands. The study by the […]

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Breaking habits to strengthen brands.

In a recent interview, Caroline Adams, Interflora’s marketing director, was talking about the motivation behind the company’s new brand campaign: “We got ourselves into a space where we needed to modernise ourselves a bit… We just weren’t as on people’s radar or as desirable as we perhaps wanted to be, despite the fact our research […]

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Why 7 out of 10 outdoor ads aren't working.

In a recent test, 7,500 people were shown a range of posters for the average time a poster is viewed in the real world. Then, the same people got to look at the poster for longer if they wanted, to enable the measurement of realistic brand and emotion data. Here are the shocking headline results… […]

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