Brand To Culture -How To Unlock Unlimited Fans

How far is your brand from the real culture of your target audience?

After years in the making, searching for fans, growing authority and climbing the ranks, consumer perceptions of a brand’s integrity and intentions can start to unravel when there’s a heavy reliance on data and automation and its communications begin to appear superficial, impersonal or contextually inappropriate.

What are your AI chats actually saying to people? How are they interpreting those words in context? How are the assets in your automated ads being combined? Is it possible for your purpose or message to be misconstrued or seen as insincere because elements have been juxtaposed awkwardly? Are off-the-shelf ad templates failing to distinguish your brand?

It’s not just that appearing to have a superficial or inauthentic interest is a turn off for consumers. It’s also that brands which rely entirely on data and automation to communicate with prospective customers become homogenised, failing to stand out and be recognised.

As humans, we choose to associate with brands because we have a psychological need for things that help us identify who we are. The brands we like represent our personal (human) values in some way or create a perception about us that we like to promote. Furthermore, we exist in large, networked communities of like-minded humans.

The importance of authenticity in branding has been known for a long time, and understanding the culture that drives a particular group or segment is essential for brands. No matter what the community tie may be – ethnicity, generational, interests, habits, or something else.

As we move into 2024 and beyond, brands that take the time to truly understand and reflect the culture within the communities they’re speaking to will be the ones to thrive. Fully understanding a segment is the only way for a brand to become one with its audience. This is especially true for exporters. Once that understanding happens, the brand’s potential is unlimited.

The simple truth is that currently, our brands are all lab rats for the tech companies who have brought AI products to market long before they are genuinely ready. There is no way in the world we can get under the skin of our customers by using automation alone.

In 2024, successfully managing the tightrope between data, automation and human experience will be the factor that separates the real achievers from everybody else.

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