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Brand Guide Instructions

Since 2009 our branding agency has been working with national and international businesses in a multitude of different markets. We provide brand consultancy and associated services that deliver significant business benefits for our clients.

We help companies to seize control of their brands, create opportunities with sharply focused branding and extract the maximum business benefit from every single customer-facing asset.

Our approach is defined by extensive knowledge of consumer behaviour and how branding psychology works to drive interest, sales and loyalty.

Brand Creation with Packaging Design

To create the strongest possible bond between brands and customers, we also develop all of the marketing assets that are required to maximise a brand’s competitive position, such as retail packaging design, digital services, website design, event stands, printed collateral and so on.

We live at the leading edge of our industry, guiding our clients' branding to the most competitive position possible.

Branding Agency Service Rundown

No single solution fits every situation, and our response to a branding requirement is always personalised. We also understand that companies might require some or all of our input in the process.

Our approach to a branding project is based on the general structure outlined below:

Market and consumer analysis
Competitor brands analysis
Determine business objectives
Create archetypal overview
Develop brand personality and communication style
Design logo identity
Create brand guide
Create customer-facing communications: design retail packaging, point of sale material, website, ads, etc.
Develop internal communications: invoices, memos, email signatures etc.
Create marketing strategy for the new brand

Where an existing brand has stagnated, slipped into reverse or needs to fight back after a crisis, searching internal discussion and thorough analysis of reasons and causes precede the process outlined above.

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