When economic headwinds blow and customers start to feel the pinch, brand loyalty can start to get a little fuzzy.

That’s the time when, instead of making a bee-line to their favoured, recognised brand at the store, customers are suddenly prepared to take a moment and consider the alternatives.

This time above all others, is when the packaging design needs to be working super-hard to pay its way. It’s a prime opportunity for new or second-rung brands to break through to the big time. It’s also perfect for established companies to launch new, improved designs.

The pack needs to speak from the brand, creating an association – a new, strong relationship based on shared or desirable values. The pack needs to be a magnet – a clear and simple design that gets attention. The pack needs to be a 3D ad for itself – rapidly and succinctly informing customers why they need to use your brand and not that one.

It’s true to say that a lot of packs look like one-another, and lack the punch that’s needed to really distinguish themselves from competitors. A careful, focused brand-centred revision can work wonders for footfall sales and creation of new brand loyalties, whilst reducing the need to campaign quite as much.

More ROI and less ad spend… sounds good doesn’t it?

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