With the economy as it is, businesses everywhere are looking to trim back costs. Ad ROI has plummeted, leaving companies receiving substantially less revenue from their marketing spend.

This is where companies that have invested in their brand are able to succeed against companies that have much less brand recognition.

Taken as a whole, your brand is a psychological trigger that in the moment of recognition, unlocks a flood of neural activity – associations and memories.

For some, the triggered mental associations are extremely positive and create a desire to interact with the brand in question. And then there are the companies who have focused everything on sales via ads, telemarketing and so on, and haven’t worked on their brand to make it feel unforgettably good. They’re now in a difficult place.

When your brand is strong, well thought out and delivered effectively, it stays with people and encourages repeat business and referral business without the need for constant (paid for) advertising.

This means that over the long term, companies who have invested in their brand need to spend less in order to make sales. For those companies, advertising can be used for strategic development rather than as a lifeline to revenue.

If you would like to build a strong brand and reduce your marketing costs, talk to us at Fizzbuzz.

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