Old brand. New life.

Prorack was once a go-to brand in the automotive outdoor accessories market. Known and trusted for its range of reliable, but affordable roof racks, bike carriers and more.

Thanks to its inclusion in major auto accessory retail stores, the products were almost guaranteed to sell well.

Until they didn't.

The brand owners had assumed their position was unassailable. Competitors came along with a clear brand and bright, coordinated packaging and point-of-sale displays and suddenly began to out-sell equivalent Prorack products.

The Prorack brand began to fall out of favour with retailers, occupying smaller and smaller shelf real-estate with its tired POS material and drab, uncoordinated packaging and a dated look and feel.

The Prorack products were and still are superior in both design and manufacture, as well as the sheer choice of different accessories and options. But sadly, customers didn't know that.

The turnaround.

Beginning with carefully designed research, consumer behaviours in-store were analysed to produce a factual look at the Prorack brand and its position from a customer point-of-view. Retailers were also interviewed for insight into their perspective of the brand.

Working from this data, the team at Fizzbuzz developed an evolution of the Prorack brand. A vibrant and simple new look and feel with a fresh promise. Subsequently, every single piece of Prorack packaging was changed and renewed, along with the point-of-sale displays which became, bold, simple and bright customer signposts.

Today, the Prorack brand is firmly back on top. The speed of the turnaround took everyone by surprise. Sales of core products increased rapidly, and even slow sellers started flying off the shelves. Retailers are more than happy to accommodate bigger Prorack ranges than ever and a whole load of new retailers are also on board with the brand.

Prorack's owners have learned a valuable lesson about constantly evolving brands to maintain and improve market position and sales, and today are enjoying the success of their investment.

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