Stellarossa Coffee Bar Brand Project

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  • The advantage we can bring to you as a branding company at the leading edge of our industry is immense.
  • Our insight is an advantage to established brands looking for greater success.
  • Our expertise offers the fuel and flame to as-yet unborn brands.


  • You know who you are and what your brand idea stands for. We can help you plant that thought in the minds of your potential customers and grow it over time.
  • We talk to you to completely understand your brand idea, who your potential customers are and how your brand will relate to them.
  • As brand consultants, we can offer you an objective view because we are not tethered to your business or your people.
  • Our perspective is un-slanted, defined by extensive knowledge of consumer behaviour and how branding works to drive interest, sales and loyalty.
  • We will ultimately develop a tangible new brand, ready to exploit all of its potential opportunity.
  • As a full service branding company, we can also provide a coordinated set of branded assets that you will need to maximise your competitive position, such as logo, print collateral, signage, website, digital marketing and packaging.
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  • Our brand consultancy service can help established brands maintain a leading market position, push ahead of strong competitors or even bounce back after trying times.
  • Being outside your own organisation gives us an objective stance, so we can develop a clear view of your brand’s current position.
  • We will talk to you at length to determine how change in your market can be reflected in the way your brand communicates with customers.
  • We are a leading edge branding company and we will bring our expansive knowledge of consumer behaviour to bear in determining how your brand should change to exploit future opportunity.
  • We will evolve your brand and create a tangible new sense of purpose for it.
  • We can ensure your brand has an optimal start on its new path by creating correctly branded materials such as logo assets, print collateral, packaging, website and digital marketing.

Pictured: A branding evolution for Stellarossa coffee bars.


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