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Animate your brand through your packaging design. Don’t miss a single sales opportunity.

  • Our extensive experience as a packaging design company can bring you a significant competitive advantage.
  • We’ll help you substantially strengthen your market position as an established brand.
  • We will optimise your new product packaging for a successful launch.

New Product Packaging Design

  • Completely understanding your brand and how it relates to your customers is a crucially important first step in developing a successful packaging design.
  • Our expansive knowledge of buying habits and motivations means we have an unambiguous view of what will captivate consumers’ attention on-shelf.
  • Already established competitor products will also have a bearing on how we develop a unique appearance for your pack. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses is essential.
  • As a leading packaging design company we understand how to translate your brand’s virtues into something tangible and deeply appealing to your customers.
  • At the end of the process we will develop a highly optimised packaging design for your product, which offers the maximum opportunity for success.
  • As a full service agency, we are also able to advise on brand improvement, the design of supporting POS material, website design and digital marketing.

Updating Established Pack Designs

  • Refreshing established packaging is a careful balancing act that requires a highly experienced packaging design company.
  • Since the current version of your packaging design was created, three key factors are likely to have changed: your product, the category in which it sits and your competitors’ market position.
  • Furthermore, consumer perception of your market may also have shifted.
  • As front-line packaging designers, gaining an understanding of how all of these factors have changed and how that affects your brand will enable us to develop an insightful and meaningful solution.
  • Based on our deep understanding of consumer behaviour, we will develop a refreshed appearance for your packaging design which will have a tangible effect on sales.
  • And as a full service agency, we can also help with brand updates, POS material for in-store display, as well as digital marketing and website design.

Pictured: A small sample of the range of packaging produced for VOL water filter products.


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