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Animate your brand through your packaging design. Don’t miss a single sales opportunity.

  • Our packaging design company develops wide ranging solutions for clients nationally and internationally.
  • We help our clients strengthen the shelf appeal of established brands as well as developing optimal packaging design for new product launches.

New Product Packaging Design

  • We work closely with our clients to clarify how their brands and products relate to customers. This is a crucially important first step in creating a successful packaging design.
  • We use our extensive knowledge of retail behaviour to develop an unambiguous view of what will capture consumers’ attention on-shelf.
  • Established competitor products always have a bearing on the development of a unique appearance for our clients’ packaging design. Understanding competitor strengths and weaknesses is essential.
  • All of this careful groundwork enables us to translate our clients’ brand virtues into something tangible and deeply appealing to customers.
  • At the end of the process our clients benefit from a highly optimised packaging design which offers the maximum opportunity for sales.
  • As a full service company, we also advise clients on brand improvement and design of point of sale material.

Updating Established Pack Design

  • We help clients to refresh established packaging design to exploit changes in consumer expectations and other market conditions.
  • After launch three key factors regularly shift, which can affect how packaging design performs: product development, category metamorphosis and competitor market position.
  • Consumer perception of markets and brands also shifts, sometimes quite rapidly.
  • We use our understanding of the dynamics that affect our clients’ brands to develop insightful and meaningful packaging design solutions.
  • Using our knowledge of consumer behaviour, we develop a refreshed appearance for non-optimal packaging design which can lead to a tangible improvement in sales.
  • As a full service company, we also help our clients with brand updates and POS material for in-store display.

Pictured: A small sample of the range of packaging produced for VOL water filter products.


Packaging design innovation and sustainability

From eliminating plastics to creating unique levels of impact, these are some new packaging design technologies and processes available right now.

Freeform Packaging Design

Freeform Packaging

Created by a unique ‘printing’ press, Freeform packaging consists of 75% paper fibres and 25% polymers. Any unique shape and texture is possible. The packaging is formed and surface printed at the same time so there’s no separate label application. The paper fibres can be recycled numerous times. The thin laminate layer can be easily extracted and recycled also.

Cellulouse Fibres In packaging Design

Wood Based Cellulose Fibres in Packaging Design

Made from wood pulp from sustainable forests, Austrian company Lenzing manufactures cellulose fibres with very similar properties to their synthetic equivalent. Except with one important difference – they are 100% biodegradable. The material is an ideal replacement for plastic netting and bags for loose fruit and veg, for example.

Packaging Design utlising PaperFoam Packaging

PaperFoam Packaging

PaperFoam’s innovative packaging design material looks and feels every bit like foam and polystyrene. Actually, it’s manufactured with starch (from potatoes and tapioca) and cellulose fibres. This new, eco-friendly material is moulded into strong, lightweight shapes for any kind of protective packaging.

Paptic Paper Packaging

Paptic Paper in Packaging Design

This innovative wood fibre based material is shaping up to be an ideal replacement for plastic in pack design. It’s innovative because in spite of its origin, the finished product has the same stretch properties as clingfilm or plastic wrapping. Paptic paper can also be heat-sealed for use as bags and wrappers and even shrink labelling.

Bio-Thermoplastic Elastomer for Packaging Design

Bio-Thermoplastic Elastomer Packaging

Dryflex Green‘ bioplastics are set to revolutionise packaging design. Made from renewable plant-based materials, the product has the same properties as TPE, so can be injection moulded or extruded. This material is a 100% recyclable replacement for clamshells as well as plastic bottles and other packaging design requiring moulded shapes.

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