When you use a big agency, your work will be assigned to a creative team (an art director and a copywriter) to produce ideas for your ads, as well as an account manager who acts as your day to day interface with the agency.

Each of those three is on a salary at or close to (on average in Australia) $100k. So that’s $300k of agency assets on your business, and that’s only the beginning.

In fact, twenty people are probably going to be touching your business across all departments, including strategy, media, digital, analytics and operations. None of them are on a pittance either.

If you do not have a multi-million or billion-dollar budget, a big agency needs to speed your business through at minimum cost. You’ll either get 3 minutes of everyone’s time or your work will land in the lap of some interns or be farmed out to freelancers.

Thankfully, there's an alternative.

Using a small boutique agency will get your business the time and attention it deserves. The smaller size of a boutique agency means that its people are highly skilled and working across an array of business sectors. This in turn brings a holistic outlook that enables the development of all-new ideas and possibilities that would never, ever come from a large agency.

They will work harder to make a better outcome for your brand because the company relies on success and repeat business, not churn and burn. You’ll get way, way more bang for your buck.

In short, if you’re looking for ways to cut costs but stay in the game, you might find that a boutique agency will not only save you money, but will also produce much more effective marketing.

And yes, for the record, Fizzbuzz is a small, boutique agency.

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