Not enough BoFu action?

June 13, 2023

If your sales conversions are slowing down or seeming like a huge effort for little reward, there’s a reason. And there’s a high likelihood it’s one of these.

1. Insufficient ToFu

The most likely cause of a slowdown of converting customers is that there’s not enough happening at the top end of the funnel.

Your brand awareness activity is crucial. This is where the new leads who will eventually become customers first discover you. Insufficient brand awareness will absolutely result in slim pickings at the conversion point.

Unfortunately, the top-of-funnel activity is often ignored. Some companies believe they can go from cold-call to conversion through the determined efforts of their sales team. It’s true that some conversions will occur via this process but the effort-to-reward ratio is dismal.

It’s also true that in times of uncertainty when marketing budgets are feeling the pinch, many companies are tempted to direct their full focus and ad budgets on converting sales and running endless promotions. Ignoring the important processes of brand awareness and engagement means that conversions will not only be harder, but will become progressively fewer.

If your competitors are following a predictable path and doing either of the above, the opportunity to dive in and create a whole new flow of customers for your brand is huge.

2. Weak Branding

Creating a sale is unquestionably a process. Depending on the type of product or service that you offer, the process can be long or short.

From first awareness, through engagement and consideration to purchase requires a strong brand. Simple logic says that if you invest in the ‘process’ from brand awareness on, your brand (and this refers to your brand in the widest possible sense) needs to be both memorable and appealing and remarkably different from your competitors.

You can bludgeon your audience with as much awareness advertising as you like, but if your brand is not cohesive or too much like others in the market, or otherwise insubstantial, picking customers off at the purchase end of the funnel will be harder and bring you less results.

There’s huge opportunity to maximise your sales conversions when you strengthen and personalise your brand, creating a feeling that’s distinct from your competitors to carry customers through the process.

3. Mismatched Targeting

Google and Facebook (Meta) want you to buy ads. Lots and lots of them. Which is why their ad platforms along with many others like LinkedIn, TikTok etc. are engineered for vagueness.

Under these ad algorithms, you can lower your cost-per-click or cpm by ‘expanding’ your audience. Hello! If you’ve already considered your targeting properly then the audience you’re already advertising to IS the audience. Nobody can make a new audience suddenly appear, so ‘expanding’ your audience will simply put your ads in front of people who are not your audience.

Highly significant demographic differences are apparent between users of different social media platforms and these need to be considered as well. Even within platforms, other nuances exist, for example the huge popularity of Facebook Messenger amongst post-millennials, compared to the demographic of actual users of the Facebook platform which tends towards the 50+ age bracket.

In other words targeting is crucially important to make sure your marketing reaches the right people, yet the ad platforms ensure the process is littered with trapdoors, placed there to increase their revenues. Big data does not have all the answers.

The biggest ad improvement opportunity you have to create red hot leads at the point of conversion is to ruthlessly laser in on your audiences, using big data to help you but not guide you.

Of course, there may be other reasons why your sales funnel is emptying out, the above are simply the most common causes. Barring any serious, underlying issues with your business overall, a marketing tune-up by Fizzbuzz should yield much improved results.

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