Packaging, Psychology and Profitability

Packaging: the first point of contact between a brand and prospective customers, profoundly influencing perceptions. Underestimating the power of packaging psychology and overestimating the inherent appeal of a product is a big, big mistake.

Extensive consumer research into packaging psychology has consistently shown that the majority of consumers make judgements about a product based purely on its packaging. According to Forbes business magazine, 72% of US consumers stated that their purchasing was directly influenced by a product’s packaging design.

An example

Lydia Simmons, founder of M.O.O. led her firm through a rebrand to advance maternal health for mums at every stage of motherhood. Her firm subsequently launched an innovative range of plant-powered nutritional and hormonal wellness products in a range of packs with large, gold lettering on a marble and white background.

“After three years,” Lydia says, “we came to learn through surveys and reviews that the metallic gold represented luxury and [seemed] too expensive to many of our customers. Therefore, our efforts to provide the nutritional building blocks for mums were being impeded by our branding.”

Shift in focus

Reframing perceptions of product acceptance requires what is for some, an uncomfortable shift in focus, from the product itself to its packaging. In most cases, a product’s developer, whether an entrepreneur or a team, is not the customer. Instead of looking at the inherent qualities of the product itself, companies need to put their energy into the packaging, aligning it with consumer preferences and market trends.

We buy with our emotions

In making a purchasing decision, more often than not, emotion overrules rationality. A pack design that triggers an emotional response can intensify purchase intent and brand affinity. A true understanding of the target audience can build strong authentic connections and brand loyalty.

A design that can encompass standout and visual appeal, user-friendly functionality, brand authenticity and storytelling will succeed in tapping into the power of emotional purchasing.

Harness psychology for greater profitability

Getting a grip on the powerful psychology that lies behind good packaging design holds the key to success. Packaging has the power to make brands resonate with their target audience at a profound level. Reframing, refocusing and recognising the true importance of packaging design can unlock fresh growth and greater success.

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